Renowned artist Peter Adams shares his paintings and the history behind the 14 Stations of the Cross during the Good Friday service at Our Savior Parish USC Caruso Catholic Center on April 18, 3:00 p.m.

Our Savior Parish USC Caruso Catholic Center
844 West 32nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90007
Map (https://www,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90007&panel=1&f=d&fb=1&geocode=FUAuBwId7CPz-CnPwhHI5cfCgDHp_k4ABKZcdg&cid=8528874330448133865)

American Legacy Fine Arts is proud to announce that thirteen of our master artists are participating in the California Art Club’s “103rd Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition,” (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001BE1TukSGFxdlnrnwAaM5XQhqeTMmmSFhHBlnP0QQQkemOXRagSn_o_XtQr-CK6k0-SF6O9sN7A2OSzqZtAG2XUaKViX8iRf9kD-Kf2jA2a1DsRyjms8QYcEYJzMFGi2Bo37kFPSsodKq8F7moPU9TmakW9K8Q_DWnQsgcS-CbzSkXQ077HQdMamdxVpDh3uK)at the Autry National Center (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001BE1TukSGFxdlnrnwAaM5XQhqeTMmmSFhHBlnP0QQQkemOXRagSn_o_XtQr-CK6k0-SF6O9sN7A0VuppHurbxeOwwurtW-53wvHtpXOu-atw=), March 30 – April 20.

ALFA’s Director, Elaine Adams, quoted in the April 4 edition of the San Gabriel Valley News – Spotlight on Art  written by Sandra Barrera.  ALFA’s Peter Adams and Scott W. Prior are also mentioned in the article.

Visit the California Art Club’s Gold Medal Exhibition before it closes on April 20!

See full exhibition and for more information Click Here (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001BE1TukSGFxdlnrnwAaM5XQhqeTMmmSFhHBlnP0QQQkemOXRagSn_o_XtQr-CK6k0-SF6O9sN7A2OSzqZtAG2XUaKViX8iRf9kD-Kf2jA2a1DsRyjms8QYcEYJzMFGi2Bo37kFPSsodKq8F7moPU9TmakW9K8Q_DWnQsgcS-CbzSkXQ077HQdMamdxVpDh3uK)

Autry National Center
4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Map (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001BE1TukSGFxdlnrnwAaM5XQhqeTMmmSFhHBlnP0QQQkemOXRagSn_o_XtQr-CK6k0kK43j9RF92RO7ceoBlNpF7Ijapc0fTZk842UXjPfzJ1hUEtmftD-OQH9CD6mdrf5CT7q-yLoWBe5xv8IVmACB1Tl3JiQnTVrMO3rgzDBSHtYUT2OlUtd4keScNYsRg_HGrBt42HIdCiNgUzLrvrcceXXBHVLg3nUk3NWj9h-NnxYbPy89uzitr5_x9cK5z7TTWRxZdr6WyPmUXAhAURDUVX3BWaaDC9reNoAKkoOzMLlZNu116XZ0eVeOMQowIeVXEOY7Qwi7BKmCglnrP5LUoeMkOh_lKFJgdqpwaZw0zomLSNx4sRtAQV7rs4iqvENZAP1ZEfC3xMIBqaDqkk3hKUEq77TK_zg9v6RM-IqbNjqRFoQ_auSB0A0WJe-jWLFaXHn_AFr33Ru2wZgPDvOu_m-381UngAy6yfAjNBk0PyVTA2h49kcsDiRTB9MwkC1d_7NI5rrw7ord71R5j_-rDx5ykySDqMfLIZfSgfSoapLmMFS4vnmMDn3x97Udw9V)

We ar (http://www NULL.pleinairconvention NULL.php)e excited to share with you that our master artist Peter Adams and gallery Director, Elaine Adams, will be presenting programs at the 3rd Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001KATd7-iiLWAH_m0_ZyrDxR_79XxlUWBhD5SpbYAnvLo5W8dLlszUax4qHcCRctZl2Yrh7khOVCTRUbPoUAlsf8kM1ZAex5Hud01enR6UE4FMTWlysdqsBFvyPcgMpXJdY7X4ANfce1E=) (April 7-11) in Monterey, California. Also at the event, the Adams’ will be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award from PleinAir Magazine.

Monterey Conference Center 1
Portola Plaza Monterey, CA 93940
For general information, please click here (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001KATd7-iiLWAH_m0_ZyrDxR_79XxlUWBhD5SpbYAnvLo5W8dLlszUax4qHcCRctZl2Yrh7khOVCTRUbPoUAlsf8kM1ZAex5Hud01enR6UE4Fi7ASL1m6e6mvEcqPbDFBKMMuyCxUR_3KJEizFrpZMRw==)
For registration information, please click here (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001KATd7-iiLWAH_m0_ZyrDxR_79XxlUWBhD5SpbYAnvLo5W8dLlszUax4qHcCRctZl2Yrh7khOVCRiUQ6ozXDVQE75Js1oBYA5tJUBmFPhIGgZmx__UmhHnmx29iIAku2Y4NURYWRJ85teixySvVmivJOGMTHnTvcG)

(http://r20 NULL.rs6 /tn NULL.jsp?f=001G8rC8bzCxwFfVTdLhCYk1LtLVbTRg3jzgEdpcr4uYGinzTAMe7PW40qDBwkopTqOjgdnPXPPiUkg_ZKt48fW_NrirNkNjxhkSGFs9zQAVW92W4EhNjGbsK6JX37OdzuIG_s3cqKWEnMWehtfxiHgJUKZilPy13mzVQowGYy8JoAzS0lHTrrhZe1682elXGUDleUdHHwCcX6fblsRHXK0y1fzuf-wa_qKU0WVYGYCoLSf4AlZiqlARxYiUfFszHh9tXnzYrJdX5tFCy8CK89Z60IvxcStC0URNai-YKYBuLXhsmextrjSww==&c=Fz-eKV1JDvsvAlgGZE_S7-lg57ssVw0p--jagNGPrSU0rXZji9ooXg==&ch=cg7NRcM2Y2BJTWi26982NTSdLonn4kS9nhZNIy_4iFJCCn1Dy4qG3g==) (http://insigniacv is proud to announce our partnership with Insignia by City Ventures (http://insigniacv, which unveiled its newest luxury residences, The Ambassador Gardens (http://insigniacv, on October 19. The 29 acre property is situated in a beautiful historic garden setting along Pasadena’s famed Orange Grove Boulevard, on museum row.

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ALFA’s Own Adams, Lipking and Steele featured at California Lutheran University’s Kwan Fong Gallery in “The New Romantic Figure”

Exploring figure painting in the 21st century, CLU’s Kwan Fong Gallery opens the fall season with an exceptional exhibition of contemporary figurative paintings that includes ALFA’s own artists, Peter Adams, Jeremy Lipking and Alexey Steele.

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American Legacy Fine Arts is proud to represent only the finest contemporary-traditional artists in California, and the United States. The art gallery represents 20 award-winning painters and sculptors. This diverse group of artists provides our clients with the opportunity to select the perfect work of art for their home, business or public collection.

Our artists are among the finest plein-air painters, figure painters and sculptors in the nation. The artists are all Artist and Signature Members of the historic California Art Club (est. 1909).  Some of the artists are also members of Oil Painters of America, Plein Air Painters of America, the National Sculpture Society and the Portuguese Bend Art Colony.

ALFA specializes in personal service, including private art consultations and commissions as well as large sculpture installations and civic art projects.

The art gallery is located in Pasadena, California just minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles. The gallery is situated in a tranquil neighborhood near the Rose Bowl Stadium, Gamble House and Norton Simon Museum.

We are open by appointment, Tuesday through Friday (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.) and Saturday (11 a.m. – 5 p.m.). Please call 626.577.7733 to make your personal appointment. Click here for directions. (http://maps,+Pasadena,+CA+91103&sll=37 NULL.579413,-95 NULL.712891&sspn=48 NULL.80835,76 NULL.552734&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17&iwloc=A)

La galerie d’art de Madame Elaine Adams – American Legacy Fine Arts (“ALFA”) -  est fière de pouvoir représenter les meilleurs artistes contemporains et traditionnels des États-Unis et de la Californie en particulier.

ALFA représente dix-neuf peintres et sculpteurs. Ce groupe diversifié d’artistes offre à nos clients la possibilité de choisir des œuvres d’art incomparables  pour leurs residences, bureaux d’entreprise ou leurs collections publiques.

Nos artistes sont parmi les meilleurs peintres de plein-air (« les Impressionistes Californiens »,) natures mortes, portraitistes et sculpteurs aux États-Unis. Tous nos artistes sont membres du célèbre California Art Club crée en 1909 et plusieurs font partie du groupe « Portuguese Bend Artist Colony. ».

ALFA offre à ses clients des services de consultation privés – accepte les commissions d’art et est en mesure d’installer de grandes sculptures chez les clients.

La Galerie est située au coeur des superbes quartiers du vieux  Pasadena avec vue sur le célèbre stade du Rose Bowl – à seulement quelques minutes de downtown Los Angeles et du musée Norton Simon.

Galerie accessible sur rendez-vous uniquement du Mardi au Vendredi de 10:00 heures a 18:00 heures et le Samedi de 11:00 heures a 17:00 heures.


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