Michael Obermeyer

Michael Obermeyer

Arroyo Vista; Trabuco Creek, Orange County

  • Oil on linen panel
  • 11" x 14", artwork
  • Contemporary
  • $2,200

Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

Artist Statement
"This beautiful open space in South Orange County has a rich history. The area was named “San Francisco Solano” by the Portola Expedition that camped here in July 1789, while opening the first overland trail through California. During their layover here, one of the soldiers lost his gun, “Trabuco” in Spanish, and the area is now called the Plano Trabuco. Little has changed except for the hiking trails and the many homes lining the surrounding foothills. This painting was painted en plein air on a Spring day while the arroyo was green and the creek was flowing."
—Michael Obermeyer

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