Peter Adams

Peter Adams

Philosophers’ Wall; Shasta Caves

  • Oil on panel
  • 20" x 16", artwork
  • Contemporary
  • $6,800

Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

Artist Statement
"As I am fascinated with lighting, I often carry colored lights with me when I paint in order to illuminate scenes. This work was painted inside Shasta Caves where they allowed me to use my colored lights. From this particular outcropping of stalactites I noticed that two figures seemed to emerge as if it were Virgil leading Dante through the rings of the inferno. The cross that appears in this painting was created by the shadow of the guardrail from my colored lights."
—Peter Adams

"Inspirations From the Fourteen Stations of the Cross and Sacred Themes" - USC Caruso Catholic Center, Los Angeles, March 26 - June 16, 2018

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