Peter Adams

Peter Adams

Study for the 5th Station of the Cross

  • Oil on panel
  • 24" x 20", artwork
  • 30" x 26" x 1.25", framed
  • Contemporary

Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts Directly from the artist

Artist Statement
"This model is named Quante. I portrayed him in many of the crowd scenes in the 14 Stations of the Cross. His natural expressions of grief and horror inspired me in many of the compositions."
—Peter Adams

Watch video on "Peter Adams: Inspirations for the Fourteen Stations of the Cross and Sacred Themes" HERE.

"Inspirations From the Fourteen Stations of the Cross and Sacred Themes"  USC Caruso Catholic Center, Los Angeles, March 26 - June 16, 2018

"30th Year Anniversary of the Gallery" Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara November 22 - December 31, 2014



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