bela bacsi alexey steele southwest

Bela Bacsi and Alexey Steele Featured in Southwest Art Magazine October 2013 Issue

If everything about the world and ourselves were simple and known, there would be no wondering—and probably no art. But life comes tied with a big bow that invites curiosity, …

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with a wink and a smile

Bela Bacsi Featured in Sculpture Review Magazine Fall 2011 Issue

Béla Bácsi uses humor as an invitation to engage his sculptures. While some contemporary art can seem intimidating or esoteric to the viewer, Bácsi’s humor often suggests a kind of …

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September 2010: Bela Bacsi Wins Award for Outstanding Work
Bela-Bacsi Driver of the Wheel
Bela Bacsi Octopus
Bela Bacsi: California Art Club: 96th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition Report