my world david pinkham

Daniel W. Pinkham Featured in Southwest Art Magazine, August 2011 Issue

Tell us about your studio and its history. The studio is an exact replica of a 16th-century Romanesque Italian chapel. It was built in 1924 by Frank Vanderlip, president of …

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May 2011: Jeremy Lipking Receives an Honor Award from The Portrait Society of America
Los Angeles Times A Gold Mark Artists Cohesion

April 10, 2011: Elaine Adams Interviewed by Los Angeles Times

A century ago, the California Art Club was launched by a handful of European emigrés and plucky Americans who decided to make creativity their calling. In those days, being an …

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southwest art 40 prominent people

Peter Adams and Jeremy Lipking in Southwest Art Magazine’s 40 Prominent People in the Western Art World May 2011 Special Edition

Distinction: The club has made significant contributions to the revival of interest in traditional, representational painting and sculpture. What has been the biggest change you’ve seen in the art world …

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a pivotal role

Peter Adams Featured in Southwest Art Magazine April 2011 Issue

The California Art Club has brought attention and respect to the genre of realist art. The story is now part of California Art Club lore, often repeated and well known …

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jove wang brush blends cultures

Jove Wang in Pasadena Scene Magazine February 2011 Issue

The delight is in the details in Jove Wang’s paintings. For example, compare two at his plein airs from his travels in Italy: “Morning in Venice” shows a boat moored …

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researching fertile subjects and compositions

Peter Adams Featured in Plein Air Magazine Spring 2011 Issue

Peter Adams is known for painting dramatic scenes illuminated by intriguing combinations of natural, reflected, and artificial light. These subjects often require him to conduct extensive research and develop plein …

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portuguese bend artist colony

Pinkham Mirich Featured Plein Air Painting Magazine February 2011

After years of friendship, this group of California painters—who share a passion for recording the beauty of the Palos Verdes Peninsula—decided to come together to help preserve the land that …

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VIDEO: Christopher Slatoff “From Clay to Bronze” (6 min)

American Artist - Jove Wang

Jove Wang Featured in American Artist Magazine January 2011

Jove Wang believes that life experience fuels the creative process and influences an artist’s vision more than any other factor. Raised in China—where he trained at the Jilin School of …

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