American Artist - Jove Wang

Jove Wang Featured in American Artist Magazine January 2011

Jove Wang believes that life experience fuels the creative process and influences an artist’s vision more than any other factor. Raised in China—where he trained at the Jilin School of …

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September 2010: Bela Bacsi Wins Award for Outstanding Work
Jeremy Lipking Featured in Fall 2010 Issue of Korean Magazine Trans Trend

Christopher Slatoff Featured in Los Angeles Times

Christopher Slatoff makes art that’s meant to last an eternity — bronze sculptures that grace churches and museums across L.A. and beyond. Hector Calderon makes art that can disappear from …

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peter adams taking a stand

Peter Adams Featured in Shanghai-based “Focus Magazine” June 2010

Contemporary American artist Peter Adams was born in Los Angeles on August 27, 1950 and received his training at Art Center College of Design, Otis Art Institute, and Institute de …

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American Legacy Fine Arts presents Peter Adams in Art of the West Magazine March/April 2002.

Peter Adams Featured in Art of the West Magazine March/April 2002

Afghanistan is a world away from Peter Adams’ comfortable home and studio in Pasadena, California. Yet the war against terrorism being fought in the Middle East, as a consequence of …

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art of war peter adams

Los Angeles Times – Peter Adams, Art of War: Pasadena Painter Captures the Essence of Afghanistan, February 23, 1989

Hidden under a sheet and surrounded by Afghan rebel soldiers in an ambulance, Peter S. Adams of Pasadena bumped his way across the legendary Khyber Pass into Afghanistan. In billowy …

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let the boys cook

Herald Express (Women’s World) Peter Adams Sr. and Son: Let the Boys Cook, August 13, 1959

We are delighted to have a very fine father, Peter Adams, well known screen, TV and stage actor, and his attractive, gentle, manly, 8-year-old son, Peter Adams Jr., as our …

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