American Legacy Fine Arts presents Christopher Cook in Southwest Art Magazine September 2016.

Christopher Cook in Southwest Art September 2016

Art Education: Immersive apprenticeship with artist David C. Gallup, the guidance of Stefan Baumann, and the friendship of many other great artists. Also I have grown through exploration of self, …

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Peter Adams & Tim Solliday Continuing a Legacy

Peter Adams and Tim Solliday: Continuing the Legacy at Palos Verdes Art Center featured in American Art Collector Magazine January 2016

Hungarian American artist Theodore N. Lukits (1897-1992) is noted for his California impressionist landscapes and his figurative artwork. He also was a teacher who specialized in a classic approach to …

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American Art Collector April 2015, Issue 114

American Art Collector, April 2015, Peter Adams and Tim Solliday

The California Art Club’s 104th annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition displays top-quality works from California and beyond. Before Elaine Adams became executive director of the California Art Club in 1993, …

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"Secrets for Successful Oil Painting" co-authored by George Gallo
Peter and Elaine Adams Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
artistry in the land of opportunity

Mian Situ and Jove Wang in Plein Air Magazine March 2013 issue

Two of the master artists at the Plein Air Convention & Expo will demonstrate the varied styles of painting employed by highly trained Chinese artists who immigrated to America in …

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walking the sacred path

Peter Adams Featured in Western Art Collector Magazine October 2013 Issue

Peter Adams monumental 14 Stations of the Cross commission showcases the power of art and religion at Our Savior Church, adjacent to the University of Southern California. My friend Peter …

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bela bacsi alexey steele southwest

Bela Bacsi and Alexey Steele Featured in Southwest Art Magazine October 2013 Issue

If everything about the world and ourselves were simple and known, there would be no wondering—and probably no art. But life comes tied with a big bow that invites curiosity, …

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story behind peter adams

Peter Adams Featured in the San Marino Tribune July 11, 2013 Issue

Look closely, and you just might recognize one of the subjects of Peter Adams’ fourteen paintings of the Stations of the Cross located inside Our Savior Church at the new …

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