intellectual modern impressionism

Daniel W. Pinkham Featured in Western Art Collector Magazine March 2013 Issue

Before beginning to define the title of the article, I need to introduce you to my friend Dan Pinkham. Dan like most children at a young age scribbled carelessly or …

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ALFA at the LA Art Show (January 24 - 27, 2013; and Alexey Steele Presents "The Dawn" & Live Demos
tony peters eclectic la

Tony Peters in Pasadena Star News November 9, 2012

Go anywhere in the world and tell anyone who asks that you’re from Los Angeles and you will probably get a smile. The city is known as the place where …

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Peter Adams Avatar
Peter Adams: "Jerusalem Journey - Walking the Sacred Path" at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles
fine art connoiseur

Daniel W. Pinkham Featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine August 2012 Issue

“Our culture and society have chosen entertainment over enlightenment, but we are still hungry for a sincere, honest, and soulful exchange through man’s best efforts. Painting is the perfect medium …

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Theodore Nicolai Lukits/ The Aethetics of Beauty

Theodore Nicolai Lukits Featured in Plein Air Magazine Summer 2012 Issue

By incorporating decorative motifs with influences from numerous other artistic traditions, this master artist brought his paintings to an elevated level of beauty. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, …

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Novo Realism

Alexey Steele and Jeremy Lipking Featured in American Artist Magazine Summer 2012 Issue

For members of this growing movement, representational art is a powerful tool in what they consider to be a “revolution”—one that asserts humanity in the face of our technological, mechanical …

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artist tony peters joins roster

Tony Peters Featured in American Artist Magazine Summer 2012 Issue

The American Legacy Fine Arts (ALFA) gallery represents 13 artists from across California and the United States who work in contemporary-traditionalist modes. Their newest addition is painter Tony Peters, whose …

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catholic trojan cover

Peter Adams and Christopher Slatoff Featured in USC Catholic Trojan Magazine Spring 2012 Issue

With a clear theological and pastoral vision as the guiding force, the Liturgical Design Committee has been actively engaged in the research, planning and procuring of artisans who are creating …

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